Look maw! I'm on TV!

Today, Wednesday August 27th, my installation for Nuit Blanche will be featured on Rendez-Vous for ICI ARTV on Radio-Canada.  The cameras followed me for days as I organized and created the installation titled "Parcours d'identité" or "Identity Roadmap" which consisted of a video created by myself with music by Toronto musician Laura Levesque.  We are very proud of the video and the experience was mind blowing. Being extremely camera shy, this really pushed my boundaries and I am very thankful for editing (not so thankful for HD).  

TV is such an interesting experience and it really opens your eyes when you see what goes on behind the scenes.   For example, I didn't know my face was so shiny, and I say "yes" followed by "no" a lot.  And, I find it difficult to repeat the same thing 20 times and manage to sound enthusiastic.  And I'm such an enthusiastic person (I'm also a very sarcastic person).

I have to thank everyone that got sucked into being a part of this too, like my husband, my friend and musician Laura and also Jody from my gallery in Ottawa.  They were all awesome and willing and made it easier for me too, especially when we were all exhausted and couldn't do a scene without laughing (mostly at each other).

I don't have TV so I won't get to see the premiere tonight, but do encourage you to watch it. Click here for more info. 



Preview : The Aerial Landscape : Gallery 815

Constance Lake, Acrylic on wood panel, 60" x 60", 2014

For "The Aerial Landscape", Gallery 815, Hearst ON, September 12, 2014
Pour "Le paysage Aérien" le 12 septembre 2014.


One last preview : les cercles et les billots

Two circles, untitled, 14" x 14", acrylic on wood panel, 2014

An Aerial View of Logs Floating, acrylic on wood panel, 60" x 60", 2014

One last preview until my two solo exhibitions in September. Aerial views of the landscape and circles. Color and abstraction.

Un aperçu de deux expositions solos en septembre cette année. Des vues aériennes du paysage et des cercles. Couleurs et abstraction.



Art-Image & Espace Odyssée : été/automne

Voici une première publicité pour mon exposition solo en septembre à l'Espace Odyssée à la Maison de la culture de Gatineau.  Je suis bien entouré ! I can't wait for fall.