Nouvelle galerie : Ferneyhough Contemporary

Je suis heureuse de vous annoncer que vous pouvez maintenant trouver mon travail à la galerie Ferneyhough Contemporary à North Bay Ontario. Clickez ici pour visiter leur site officiel.

I am very pleased to announce that you can now find some of my work at Ferneyhough Contemporary in North Bay Ontario. Visit their website here.

RubyTFO + moi


New work at GST + H : Ottawa

The Logs that Were, Now Their Space, 48" x 72", 2013

A Log to Lean On, 36" x 36", 2014

X-Wing Fighter Logs, 36" x 48", 2014

These three paintings were just dropped off at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill in Ottawa. Go to 293 Dalhousie and take a look.

Voici de nouvelles oeuvres pour la Galerie St-Laurent + Hill à Ottawa. La galerie se trouve au 293 rue Dalhousie.


Nouvelle série : abstraction

En préparation pour de nouvelles exposition, je m'embarque dans une nouvelle série, abstractions.

In preparation for new exhibitions, I'm starting a new series, abstractions.


Rest, then back to work

It's been a busy fall and winter and a little rest was needed, so lucky me! I got to go hang out at a friend's cottage for a weekend.   Considering the grey days we've been having in Ottawa, it was so beautiful outside and getting some sunshine is exactly what I needed.

I also got a chance to go see a band I probably should have seen in my teens, but they're back so why not ? Rusty played at Zaphod's and considering the poor guy was loosing his voice and had a drummer in the hospital, the show was pretty fun.

And last but not least, a visit to the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal filled me with inspiration.  I finally got to see Peter Doig's work in person.  I personally can't say I'm huge fan of his figures, but I love his landscapes. I can only wish I could do that with paint and colour.

So back to work it is, getting ready for a solo exhibition at l'Espace Odyssée in September, and a trip up North to Gallery 815.  In the spring I'll be making a trip up Highway 11 towards Northern Ontario for a project funded by the Ontario Arts Council.  Otherwise, it is definitely gallery proposal season and this is probably what I'll be doing with my free time for the next couple of weeks!